Perspectives 20-30

What is the perspective of young people on the future of European security? Which topics are important to them, what do they identify as the biggest challenges, which practical recommendations do they have?

Young people constitute a majority of population in the OSCE area, but are not sufficiently involved in policy-making and public debate. Many of them actively engage in their local communities and care about peace in Europe at large. They are worried about unresolved conflicts, increasing distrust and decline of international cooperation. Their voices deserve being heard. Perspectives 20-30 is an initiative of the OSCE and FES ROCPE to provide a platform for young women and men to formulate and discuss with decision-makers a vision for how a safer future in the OSCE area could look by 2030 and beyond.

The recommendations of the young experts were debated with diplomats and young delegates at the OSCE-wide Youth Forum in Bratislava in October 2019. An official handover of the final report “Perspectives 20-30” to the Chairman-in-Office Miroslav Lajčák followed at the OSCE Ministerial Council in Bratislava in December 2019.


  • Mr Abdulvahhobi Muminjoniyon, Tajikistan
  • Ms Aigerim Seitenova, Kazakhstan
  • Ms Amela Saric, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ms Anna Blue, United States
  • Ms Anneka Shally, United Kingdom
  • Mr David Ruah, Portugal
  • Ms Galya Rebecca Hovhannisyan, Armenia
  • Ms Hande Taner, Netherlands
  • Ms Heather Mann, United Kingdom
  • Ms Iuliia Maskova, Russian Federation
  • Ms Ivana Vuchkova, North Macedonia
  • Mr Julian Demmer, Germany
  • Mr Kanatbek Abdiev, Kyrgyzstan
  • Ms Katarina Kertysova, Slovakia
  • Ms Kristina Arakelova, Georgia
  • Mr Mikhail Frolov, Russian Federation
  • Ms Nicole Grajewski, United States
  • Mr Ognjen Markovic, Montenegro
  • Mr Taha Kaan Isleyici, Turkey
  • Mr Turan Gafarli, Azerbaijan
  • Ms Uliana Yehorova, Ukraine
  • Mr Zarije Kocic, Serbia

The members of the Core Group of Experts were selected from hundreds of applicants responding to an open call. These twenty-two young professionals, between the ages of twenty and thirty, were chosen on the basis of their expertise, motivation, and networks. They reflect the gender and geographical diversity of the OSCE area and come from a wide range of backgrounds including academia, civil society, policymaking, and the media. They contribute to the Perspectives 20-30 initiative in their personal capacity on a voluntary basis.


Perspectives 20-30

Engaging youth for a safer future

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About the Perspectives 20-30 Initiative

Looking back


Perspectives 20-30 presented at the OSCE Ministerial Council in Bratislava

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Young people from across the OSCE area develop a vision of European security


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Roadshow (public presentations) in several European cities by FES in partnership with the OSCE. The aim is to generate debate about concrete steps towards a safer future. At the end of the roadshow will be an analytical paper reflecting all discussions.


Throughout 2019

Members of “Perspectives 20-30” speak at various OSCE events


December 2019

OSCE Ministerial Council in Bratislava; side event “Young voices for a safer future” together with the OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger and Chairman-in-Office Miroslav Lajčák


October 2019

OSCE Youth Forum in Bratislava; discussing “Perspectives 20-30” with diplomats and young delegates from across the OSCE space


July 2019

Second meeting of the Core Group of Experts at FES ROCPE; elaboration of the final report “Perspectives 20-30”


May 2019

First meeting of the Core Group of Experts at the OSCE Secretariat; brainstorming in six thematic sub-groups


March 2019

Open OSCE-wide call for participation in the project and selection of 22 young participants (Core Group of Experts)

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