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Why we need experts · Pia Bungarten & Reinhard Krumm

With social media, echo chambers are increasingly replacing nuanced debate. But listening to expert opinion has never been more important.

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Open Letter in Support of Free Inquiry and Discussion - War on the Rocks

We, the undersigned, watched with worry the recent flurry of media and social-media speculation about a possible appointment to the National Security...

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«Effective OSCE dialogue requires respect for shared values»


New landmark report recommends OSCE engagement with China

A new report by the OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions recommends OSCE engagement with China. Report was launched on 19 April 2021...

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Reading peace: ‘If we want to defend Europe’s interests, we have to engage with Russia’

In this interview, Ambassador Pierre Vimont, French President Emmanuel Macron’s special envoy to revive dialogue with Russia, talks about the current...

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Restoring European Security: From Managing Relations to Principled Cooperation

The report is part of the Cooperative Security Initiative (CSI), which is designed to generate ideas and shift momentum in favor of cooperative...

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The Progressive Post: The EU needs a cold-headed Eastern Policy by Reinhard Krumm

Both #Moscow and #Brussels must understand that they will have to work together. The EU and its member states should work towards a common strategy,...

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Back to Basics on Russia Policy

As the Biden administration seeks to craft its Russia policy in stride with America’s European allies, it must recognize that the U.S. and Europe have...

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Talk Eastern Europe, Episode 65: Relations with Russia. To engage or not engage?

This episode of Talk Eastern Europe features a discussion with our head of office Reinhard Krumm.

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Ein Geschenk für Gorbi

In der westlichen Außenpolitik geht es nur noch um den moralischen Sieg. Für den Umgang mit Russland und China aber fehlt der Kompass.

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