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Choice of ROCPE Fellows

The fellow is proposed by the FES-Representative of the relevant Country Offices or the FES-Studienförderung according to the following criteria:

  • The aim of the two-month study-visit in Vienna is to deepen and widen current scholarship on cooperation and security-related topics in Europe.
  • The topic of the fellow should be in line with the thematic focuses of the Vienna office.
  • The fellow will not be provided with a ready-made programme. S/he will organise a customised research programme with the help of the Vienna office.
  • Prior to the visit to Vienna it should be considered whether the fellow could contribute to an event organised by the Vienna office.
  • The fellow should be able and ready to independently organise her/his appointments and conduct interviews with representatives from various international organisations in Vienna, primarily the OSCE.
  • Fluent knowledge of English and/or German is a requirement for the fellow, as well as sufficient knowledge of the structures, mechanisms and institutions of the OSCE.
  • The fellow needs to have a clear idea of her/his security-related topic and the research goal to be achieved during the fellowship in Vienna.
  • The fellow should be not older than 35 years of age.

The fellow is chosen and a date for the stay is determined in agreement with the Vienna office.


Preparation for the stay

The FES-Representative Office or the Studienförderung will conduct a preparatory interview with the chosen fellow. The interview will focus on the general conditions and the topic of the study visit in Vienna as well as on the desired post-visit application of results /possible follow-up measures (presentation, etc.) in the fellow’s country of origin.

The fellow is asked to send the following documents to the Vienna office 4-6 weeks before commencing the stay:

  • CV in a tabular form (including date of birth, knowledge of languages)
  • An outline (1-2 pages) of the intended study area/research goals
  • Copy of the health insurance for the time period in Vienna

Thereupon the Vienna office will send the official invitation letter as well as the confirmation for the visa authorities to the participant via the respective FES-Representative Office.

The Vienna-Office will book and cover the fellow’s flight from their home country to Vienna and back as well as an apartment during the time of the stay. The fellow will be responsible for finding an apartment according to her or his convenience.

From the outline the Vienna office will produce a Dossier focused on the special field of research. It will contain the addresses of relevant persons and organisations in Vienna. If possible, the fellow will receive the Dossier before her/his flight to Vienna enabling her/him to schedule appointments beforehan.


Course and Conditions of the Study Visit

In Vienna, the participant will have a first meeting in the FES office upon her/his arrival. There s/he will receive further information (city map, metro tickets, etc.) as well as a daily allowance covering meals. In general, the participants are accommodated in apartments paid for by the Vienna office and organized by the fellow.

At the Vienna office of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, fellows will have full access to an office offering telephone, computer, and email facilities.

After a basic introduction at the beginning of the stay, the team of the FES-Vienna-Office will gladly help the participants in the event of difficulties during the stay in Vienna.

Metro-tickets and in exceptional cases taxi receipts as well as receipts for specialist literature are to be handed in to the Vienna office. Expenses for books are reimbursed to an amount of maximum 150€.

The participant is asked to write a paper on the research goal of her/his stay (app. 10 pages, in English or German) before leaving Vienna.

A first evaluation will take place in Vienna at a meeting between the fellow and the head of office at the end of her/his stay. The FES colleague in the country of origin is also asked to evaluate the study visit with the fellow and to provide feedback to FES-Vienna.

The office in Vienna is responsible for maintaining contact with the fellow and for ensuring continued participation in the network of the FES.

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