Vasileva, Alexandra


Why the European Union should talk with the Eurasian Economic Union
Wien, 2017

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Foresight Ukraine

Four scenarios for the development of Ukraine
Wien, 2017

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Krumm, Reinhard; Vasileva, Alexandra; Weiss, Simon

For a balanced peace

First steps out of the security deadlock in (Eastern) Europe
Berlin, 2017

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Krumm, Reinhard

Europe's security governance and transatlantic relations

the West, Russia and Europe's security order
Berlin, 2016

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A shared European home

The European Union, Russia and the Eastern partnership
Berlin, 2016

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Kluter, Anastasia; Krumm, Reinhard

For a European progressive Eastern policy

Berlin, 2016

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70/40/25 - the European peace and security order under threat

open space for a progressive peace policy ; conference report
Berlin, 2015

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Richter, Wolfgang

Foundations and crisis of the European Peace and Security Order

Wolfgang Richter. - Berlin : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Department for Central and Eastern Europe, May 2015. - 26 Seiten = 720 KB, PDF-File. - (Study
Berlin, 2016

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Spanger, Hans-Joachim

Managing the divide

East-West security beyond the Ukrainian crisis
Berlin, 2015

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  • 16.10.2017 | Publication, News

    New publication: Foresight Ukraine

    Four Scenarios for the Development of Ukraine.

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  • 28.09.2017 | Publication, News

    New publication: Engage!

    Engage! Three reasons for cooperating with the Eurasian Economic Union.

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  • 16.08.2017 | Publication, News

    New publication: For a Balanced Peace

    What has to be done to transform a severe crisis in Ukraine into a stable modus vivendi and subsequently into a starting point for a sustainable...

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  • 07.03.2017 | News

    New FES office in Vienna: Peace dialogue in turbulent times

    The former Austrian Federal President Heinz Fischer was among the guest at the opening of the FES office, organised by Bruno Kreisky Forum for...

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  • 06.03.2017 | News

    Small steps are needed to overcome growing security divisions in Europe

    The official motto of the OSCE Security Days in Prague on 18-19 May 2017 was "Countering fragmentation and polarization" with the aim of "re-creating...

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